JavaRanch describes itself as "a friendly place for Java greenhorns!", and that is what attracted me to the site back in 2003. Of coursse it helped that nearly every book on Java that I was reading and liking also had links back to JavaRanch, and many of the authors were regular contributors on the site.

I have been a moderator on the site since 2003, and an administrator since 2006.

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Celtic Dance Designs

Celtic Dance Designs
Celtic Dance Designs was established to meet the growing need for quality Irish dance costumes at an affordable budget.

This is my sister's web site, and one that I help out with on rare occassions.

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HarmonSafe is a consultancy company that provide enterprises with chemical solutions, including: MSDS and label validation and creation, Dangerous goods classification, GHS implementation and customer specific training related to all these issues.

This is a site that I have set up for my friend Selina. She provides the content, while I have set up the templates.

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